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The Flavor of Chile

By Margaret Snook, November 24, 2008

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time… I work in Chile’s wine industry and do write about food and wine–mostly in Spanish–but there are always things that get left over, that need to be said, and nowhere to say them…So this is the result.

This is where I will write about restaurants, food products, wines, and the people who make them: all things epicurean a la Chilena.

This blog will tie in with my other blog “Cachando Chile,” which would be “Getting Chile” in English. That blog is about cultural aspects of living in Chile and specifically in Santiago. It includes food, but is aimed at cultural reflection rather than critiques or news, which will be found here.

I’m just getting geared up, so give me a little time, and I’ll make it worth your while!

As we say here in Chile: ¡Salud!

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