Some Serious Tasting Chile: A Post A Week Post a Day challenge

Post-a-Day Typewriter respectfully borrowed from The Daily Post (

I began this blog with all the very best intentions. I have reams of tasting notes and stacks of restaurant receipts and notebooks full of scribbled comments and catalogs of photos all waiting to be written up and posted, but somehow, poor Tasting Chile has taken a back seat to everything else I do, so… the time has come! Things are gonna change around here! threw down its Get Serious gauntlet and I’m rising to the challenge!I hereby pledge to a minimum of a Post a Week! I’d love to do more–and hopefully I will, but just to keep it realistic… you are my witnesses… A post a week about Food, Wine & Restaurants in Chile–with an occasional stroll over to some other part of the culinary world I happen to be wandering around in.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s the same typewriter image I posted on my primary blog Cachando Chile (if you haven’t seen it, pop over and take a peek–it’s dedicated to all things Chilean and tends to get far more regular sprucings).

If you’d like to know more about the PostADay2011 and PostAWeek2011 challenge, check out the Challenge Intro and The Daily Post.

Here we go! First post coming up soon!


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2 responses to “Some Serious Tasting Chile: A Post A Week

  1. Emily

    So glad you’re going to be posting more on this blog! I really like your insight into chilean food and wine (I’m especially a wine fan!)

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