An A for Arrieros Colombianos

Isabel and I were looking for someplace different for lunch. We were up for “relaxed, low-key, good, and fun,” and we found it at Arrieros Colombianos, set in an old house in the “Brasil toward Yungay” barrio of Santiago Centro, on Av. General Bulnes, a block west of Cumming. We pushed through the narrow wooden and glass doors to find ourselves in a cheery yellow and peach-colored bar with natural plank-wood floors and a homey feel. Good start on the fun and low-key part.

Arrieros Colombianos: patacones, chicharrones, arepasWe started with a maracuyá (passion fruit) sour—very good and not too sweet, just as I asked—served icy cold—just as I like it—and a Club Colombia beer to accompany an abundant starter of arepas (thick Colombian cornmeal tortillas), patacones (diagonally cut, flattened fried plantains), and chicarrones (fried pork rinds). Conclusion: “this stuff just has to be bad for you because it just tastes way too good!”

We were going Colombian all the way, so quickly discarded the meat, fish, and Chilean sections of the menu and went straight to Colombian home style: Bandeja Paisa, Sancocho, Ajiaco, and others before Iz decided on a hearty (and huge) Cazuela de Frijoles that came with an enormous plateful of rice, arepas, patacones, and Colombian sausage, and I went for the main-dish Arepa topped with pulled chicken and beef in a tomatoey sauce that reminded us both of barbecue.

Arrieros Colombianos_CheckWe passed on the one by-the-glass wine option (Concha y Toro Exportación) and ordered one of the few half bottles on the list—a 2010 Santa Ema Cabernet, which was served impeccably. In fact, service all around was excellent.

Price–a bit of a splurge for lunch at $26,000, but considering we had way too much food and could actually order half the next time around, it was reasonable enough.

Bottom line question: Would we go back? Sí señor—not a doubt about it.

Av. General Bulnes 86, Santiago Centro, Chile
Tel.: 2-699-4196


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11 responses to “An A for Arrieros Colombianos

  1. Yes, I would definitely go back there. Your dish was delicious and the chicharrones were dangerously good! I also really liked how sweet and accommodating our waitress was. I really appreciate that willingness to please even if she did have to ask about the wines several times… she made it a very pleasant experience and her recommendations were very good. I think for about half of what we ordered, we would have left there very satisfecha instead of with dinner for the next two nights.

    • Hm… you don’t mention what you thought of YOUR dish (which I didn’t try). And yes, we definitely ordered way too much. Next time we’ll know better!

  2. I didn’t mention that, did I? 🙂 I didn’t order so well and I don’t like it when I make an ordering mistake! Not that my food wasn’t good…it was really good and I liked that nothing was too salty but since we’d had a lot of items in my main dish for an appetizer, I didn’t get to try anything new. I would definitely try your dish the next time and get the chicharrones everytime and maybe pass on the arepa appetizers but not the patacones – YUM!

    • Ah, yes-your dish had exactly the same sides as our appetizers! Talk about overkill (not the dish’s fault though) I wonder if they would have substituted a different side?
      Patacones are a always a must, and chicharrones a treat. I don’t remember seeing anything with coconut on the menu, did you? But then, I completely bypassed the seafood section.

  3. Arepas yum! Though I’m a particular fanatic of the Venezuelan version..stuffed with dripping piles of meat, cheese and sauces. Interesting find though..will have to take a look.

    • I was happily surprised at just how good these things were! Haven’t tried the Venezuelan version–any places here in town to try them? And looking forward to your opinion of Arrieros when you try it!

  4. I’ve never had Colombian food, but I think I might need to change that.

  5. Emily- definitely give it a try-Isabel and I really liked it. Would love to hear what others think!

  6. I’m on it! I have tried Colombian food, when there a few years ago, but this place is within walking distance of my house, and I envision a visit within a week or so of getting home. Anyone game?

  7. Yep! It’s a deal! I bet Isabel will be up for it too! Early July sometime?

  8. colombian food , hmmmm , I haven’t taste it yet 🙂

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