Margaret Snook, US-born anthropologist turned Chilean sommelier and  food & wine writer…

I’ve lived in Chile since 1991 and worked in the wine industry since 2000.  I spend about half my day as the editor of Wines of Chile, and the other 3/4 doing freelance food & wine related “pitutos” (a freelancer’s work is never done!) I am the author of all 3 editions of “Vinos para Todos” a down-to-earth guide to the Chilean wines that people really drink, and have been responsible for the Annual Chilean Wine Regions Map since 2005, both projects through Origo Ediciones, where I spend a lot of time editing/translating food, wine, and other publications.  I’ve written for most of the Chilean food and wine publications at some point or another (and always in Spanish) and have contributed both articles and photographs to the international press.

I spend a lot of time tasting wine and exploring the culinary scene and don’t always have the right place to write everything up, and so “Tasting Chile” was born as a means of spilling all… in English.

This is where I will write about restaurants, food products, wines, and the people who make them: all things epicurean a la Chilena.

Tasting Chile ties in with its older sister blog, “Cachando Chile,” which is my place to draw on my anthropological roots and reflect upon the cultural aspects of living in Chile. Check it out!  www.CachandoChile.com

As we say here in Chile: ¡Salud!

6 responses to “About

  1. Mark Preston

    I want to read your blog. Could I ask you to add the RSS feed to it? In that way, Tasting Chile stories show up in my Google Reader. Google Reader is an RSS accumulator.

    RSS code for WordPress, according to WP,

    “go to appearance – > widgets


    and drag a RSS widget to the sidebar. This can be used for showing any feed. showing your own feed in the same site may not be ideal. If you want to show statistics like how many subscribers you have, get the Feedcount from your feedburner account publicize tab.

    then you can paste that code in a text widget.”

  2. Hi Mark- Ok- you convinced me… let’s see how this works!

  3. Liz Bahlmann

    Margaret –

    Can you purchase Las Almas Carmenere 2008 in the United States? I would love to get my hands on some. I have had the older wines from them and love love love them! Thanks!

  4. I am a Chilean travel writer, based in Paris, France. I like very much your blog and mention it on my blog list http://www.franciscamatteoli.com/blog/
    Take care y hasta luego, Francisca

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