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MOVI wins Vitivinicultural Initiative of the Year Award

By Margaret Snook

What a great night!
Chile’s Círculo de Cronistas Gastronómicas (Chilean Circle of Food & Wine Writers) held its annual awards ceremony last night to deliver its awards to those who rock Chile’s food & wine world. (See my write-up and the complete list of winners at Cachando Chile).

MOVI members, winners of the 2009 Viticultural Initiative of the Year Award, March 30, 2010 (Photo (c) MSnook)

As a member of this group, I had the right—and tremendous honor—of presenting an award to a group of innovative winemakers, several of whom I am proud to include among my friends (and not just on Facebook!).

I was very pleased to present the Iniciativa Vitivinícola del Año (Vitivinicultural Initiative Award) to MOVI, the Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes (Independent Vintners Movement). Continue reading

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Facundo 2006

By Margaret Snook, December 20, 2008

Uf, it’s happened again. I write a wine column for the Agenda Urbana section of Chile’s La Tercera newspaper. They specify the space available, and I send them the piece, painstakingly edited to coincide with the allotted space. Unfortunately and all too often, they take a chain saw to it because they need more room for advertising (hey, it pays the bills). So… I’ve decided that I will publish my version of the story here in Tasting Chile. The originals are always in Spanish, but I’ll put the English translation up first with the Spanish as the first comment.

Winemakers Cony Schwaderer & Felipe Garcia
Winemakers Cony Schwaderer & Felipe García

Facundo García Schwaderer 2006

December 20, 2008

Have you ever noticed that the best wines come with a story? They’re made with love and purpose; they’re the product of a search for something special, and—in my opinion—the very best have a personal dimension to them.

This is the case of Facundo, the first son of husband and wife winemakers Felipe García, from Casas del Bosque, and Constanza Schwaderer, from Agustinos (Córpora). Facundo began as the dream of young lovers, it developed along with the projects of newlyweds, grew along with their two daughters, and was finally born after a long two years in the delivery room. The recently christened Facundo García-Schwaderer was welcomed into the world with grand applause and blessings.

Of course this is no ordinary child. No, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon from Itata and Loncomilla with a touch of Carignan and Petit Verdot shows aromas of fresh fruit, medium body, juicy acidity, and plenty of personality. Two years in the barrel lend character without taking center stage. This child born of good genes is a pleasure today and will continue to grow with grace for years to come.


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